Thursday, 15 August 2013

You Know You're a Teacher When . . .

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  •  . . . you shush people . . . in public . . . without realizing it.
  • a simple trip to the grocery store (in yoga pants) results in any number of shy waves, exuberant hellos, and quiet stares from past, present & future students.
  • you spent 1% of the summer relaxing in the sun with a book and 99% organizing, stressing, creating & laminating.
  • that book you were reading in the sun was a professional development book of some kind.
  • in the book store, you head to the children's section first.
  • school/office supplies of all kind are exciting.
  • you know more than you ever wanted to know about Minecraft, Lalaloopsy & Beyblades.
  • weeknights will always be referred to as "school nights."
  • the last two weeks in August are the most exciting, nauseating, nerve-wracking & stressful time of the year.
  • you will always experience the Back to School, even though you're no longer a student.

How you know when YOU are a teacher?

On a completely unrelated note, I've finished the next two Daily Math sets for First Grade, click the pictures if you're interested:

Each pack contains 40 days of printable math that works to review the Kindergarten Common Core Standards, while transitioning into the First Grade Common Core Standards.

Well, here's to two and a halfish more weeks of summer!

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