Monday, 20 January 2014

Cold Weather Teacher Essentials

Well, it happened. I've been crossing my fingers and hoping that I would not get sick, but I've got the dreaded wintertime cold. The flu has been spreading around since December, so I'm really hoping that I will avoid that. Last week, some teachers had ten students absent - TEN - for the whole week! Those classrooms were peaceful and quiet and I think it's going to be a shock for them to have full classes again.

Since many people are in the middle of cold weather, or just the common cold, I think it's the perfect time to talk about some of my favourite cold weather essentials.

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1. My lips are always chapped and I used to use *every* lip balm, trying to find some solution and I think I've found it - eos.

Via Evolution of Smooth

This lip balm is all natural and full of great stuff, while leaving out all those parabens that you don't need. It's even gluten free! Right now I'm using Summer Fruit - which has lasted forever - but I think it's time I picked up another one - I'm looking at you, Strawberry Sorbet!

2. Besides cold weather items, I think another theme for this post is going to be "items I have spent years trying various brands of, and now may have found great ones." Along with my lips, my hands are always painfully dry and being in the classroom does not help. I think I must wash my hands every five minutes, in addition to all the hand sanitizer I use, so a great hand cream is a must. For years I've tried tons of different brands and there are many that I like and still use occasionally, but when my hands are in need of extra moisture, my absolute go-to-works-like-a-charm brand is Glysomed.

Via Glysomed
I actually was given a small tube of this and left it on my shelf before trying, but once I did, I was hooked. This is the only hand cream that really solves the extra dry skin I experience in the winter. If you have dry hands at all, go get this.

3. When the winter cold and flu season is in full effect, hand sanitizer is a must. This year, I found my new favourite - Bath & Body Works Foaming Mousse Hand Sanitizer.

Via Amazon
I was recently introduced to Bath & Body Works and I'm hooked already. Just before Christmas, I was in there and found this foaming mousse and purchased it on a whim - impulse at the register - but I am so glad I did. As it says, it comes out as a mousse, light as air that absorbs very quickly. Am I the only one who always seems to use too much regular hand sanitizer, which takes too long to absorb, and them I have a gloppy gel mess on my hands? Anyway, this sanitizer is absolutely my favourite I've found (love the Vanilla Bean Noel scent!) but when I just went to the Bath & Body Works website, I could not find any foaming mousse sanitizers. I really hope they didn't discontinue it.

These are only my top three picks for wintertime essentials, what are yours?

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