Saturday, 6 September 2014

3 Reasons I LOVE Task Cards!

Did that title kind of oversell task cards? I just can't help it - task cards are amazing! Let me just give a few reasons why I LOVE task cards.

1. They can act as a quick assessment.

Show a multiple choice task card on the document camera or SMART Board and allow students to show their answers using individual whiteboards or chalkboards. At a glance you will get a sense of how many students get it or whether the topic may need more exploration.

2. They are great for fast finishers.

Students work at different speeds and it is just about inevitable that you will always have fast finishers. When I did my first practicum, and was just beginning to learn about planning for a classroom, there were two students who were lightning quick. As in, they finished their work before I even finished giving the instructions! It was great because it really showed me how important it was to have work and activities planned for fast finishers, but oh how I wish I had some task cards handy then. In particular, I think they would have benefitted from some bonus task cards that would have helped extend their thinking on whatever subject we were studying.

3. They get kids moving

How many students in your class are kinesthetic learners? Although task cards may not always have students participating in hands-on activities, they do offer the students an opportunity to get up and moving. Post task cards around the room and allow students to move freely, completing questions as they go. This is also beneficial for those students who just can't sit still! And let's be honest, I think most, if not all, students benefit from movement breaks throughout they day.

So those are just a few of the many reasons I love task cards, how about you?

If you are interested in trying out task cards with your students, I now have a few packs available that you can check out my clicking the pictures below:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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