Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Task Cards

It's Saturday! Can I get a cheer for the weekend? I know it's late Saturday night and Monday morning will be here before I know it, but I am still happy to be relaxing . . . well one quarter relaxing, one quarter working and half planning for next week - I'll still take it!

I'm especially thrilled because I was *slightly* productive today, and right now I'll take any bit of productivity I can get!

So, just in time for Halloween (err, maybe only a little last minute!) is a new pack of Halloween-themed task cards:

Whenever a holiday rolls around, I love incorporating that into the classroom in any way that I can. Something about adding ghosts, goblins and candy to math makes it seem so much more fun for the students . . . and me too! That was what I had in mind when I created these task cards. The packet contains 12 (plus four bonus) cards that ask students to solve the multi-step questions, using the four basic operations, to find out how many trick-or-treaters visited each house. Although this pack covers a few of the fourth grade standards, it would also work with high third graders or as a review for fifth graders.

You can click the above pictures or {HERE} if you're interested in the pack.

Now I'm off to eat some of those bite size chocolate bars that I *should* be saving for trick-or-treaters!

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