Monday, 12 January 2015

A New Alphabet Book for You

Happy New Year! Whenever the New Year rolls around, I always wonder, "When is it too late to wish someone a Happy New Year?" and my mind immediately springs to that Seinfeld episode where Jerry ". . .  once got Happy New Year'd in March." LOVE that show!

So on to the topic of today: books. Specifically picture books. You see, the list of books I want to buy is ever-growing and much larger than my wallet, so I just save books in my Amazon cart and forget about them. The list is definitely in the hundreds and grows almost daily. Despite this huge list, I still feel like I have been so behind on checking out new picture books in the last few years, including ones from some of my favourite authors. So today I am going to highlight one that I just stumbled across, even though it's been out for months.

Enter, Once Upon an Alphabet: Short stories for all the letters by Oliver Jeffers.

This is not your average alphabet book. Combining his unique and adorable illustrations with short stories for each letter, Oliver Jeffers creates another must for the classroom library. Beware, as it is over one hundred pages, it's definitely not a sit-down-at-once read-aloud, but it would still be fun to read over several days. It would also be a fun addition to any preschool or kindergarten letter of the week program.

Photos via Oliver Jeffers
I can't wait to find some more gems this year!

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