Monday, 6 August 2012

Productivity and a Giveaway

Well it feels like ages since I have written a blog post. I wish I had a legitimate excuse, but I don't. I will say that the weather has finally gotten warm for me (for all of 3 days) and I was slightly more productive over this past week then I have been over the rest of the summer combined. I did complete a few units, including these two back to school units (click on the pictures to go check them out):

I have never done a giveaway, nor have I entered one, but I would love to give away these two units. If you'd like to enter just leave a comment with your email address and the unit you would like. I will give the primary one away to the first primary commenter and the intermediate one away to the first intermediate commenter (hope that makes sense, I feel like I was rambling a bit).

Hope everyone is having a great summer, and if you're already heading back to school - Good Luck! I have never had to go back to school in August, so I would like to hear if anyone does have to do that. Is it hard to go back when the weather is so nice and warm outside?

I know I should have more to say, so hopefully I'll be back within another week!

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