Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Second Linky!

Look at me, my second linky party! I know what you're thinking, "Two Linky parties in two weeks? You should really slow down!" and I know and totally agree. I really should slow down, I don't want to wear myself out, it is summer vacation after all. Anyways I've decided to join up with Amy at Step into Second Grade for her "Tell me more, tell me more!" linky (which, by the way, I totally read in my head like it was sung during Grease) because I love to read the little personal anecdotes people add into their blog as it helps me relate to them and their writing. Well as you can tell by the complete absence of my real name or any identifying characteristics on my blog, I love my anonymity so this is probably a weird linky party for me to be joining. Oh well, I've decided to join in anyway. So here goes, some little factoids about myself:

1. I LOVE books. I am always reading and have to have one (or more) books lined up on the go.

2. I am always cold. Like, excessively so. I am often wearing a wool coat and Uggs in the summer. No joke.

3. I LOVE nice clothes but secretly just want to wear my sweatpants/yoga pants 24/7.

4. I am constantly drinking water all day long. The drink I really love . . . Vanilla Coke. Unfortunately for me, they no longer sell this in Canada (at least not where I am), but rest assured, if I ever visit the States, I will be coming back with cases.

5. I am behind on every technology ever. I don't have Facebook and only got my first cell phone last year (for work, otherwise I would still be cell phone-less), so it is a complete wonder that I am on Pinterest and have a blog.

6. I am Sarcastic with a capital "S." I don't know if this always comes across properly on this blog.

7. I love learning for the sake of learning. I truly LOVE to learn new things (hence the blog name) and think the idea for websites like Open Yale Courses is fantastic.

8. I am a perfectionist, so much so that I do not proofread my blog or writing because I know I will just end up re-writing everything. How ironic is that, a perfectionist who doesn't proof-read?

9.  I often re-write things several times (as in reprint it by hand when I think it's too messy). It's never just write (see perfectionism above).

10. I think lists should end on appropriate numbers (5, 10). I wrote this just so my list would end on an appropriate number.

There we go. A few personal tidbits. Go link up if you haven't!

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  1. Hey, I know you just got awarded this (Liebster blog award)-- but amazingly enough I was working on the post to nominate you-- so in a way, you're getting it twice! Stop by my blog for more info!