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The Importance of D.E.A.R.

Do you think D.E.A.R. is important? Do you know what D.E.A.R. is? Although it may be called by other names, I think every school, most classrooms have something similar. Drop Everything And Read. I've called it D.E.A.R. for awhile no, although I do remember a time in elementary school (maybe just in a single class) where it was referred to as S.S.R. - Sustained Silent Reading- and every time I saw it on the board I always thought of the U.S.S.R. (even though I was probably 8 and had no idea about the actual details of the U.S.S.R.).  Anyway, every time I saw it on the board (which was everyday) I was happy. I was happy because I loved to read AND because the classroom had books that I didn't have available to me at home. As a teacher, I still see the importance of D.E.A.R. but I wonder what other teachers think.

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A reading professor at University said that when she was in the classroom, she ALWAYS read at D.E.A.R. time along with the students. She said that it set a good example for the students and she loved the chance to set other work aside and read uninterrupted and I 100% agree.

I think that by seeing the teacher read, it sets a good example for students and shows them that we practice what we preach. We can tell students over and over again to do something (ie. read everyday) but I think it is much more powerful for students to see us doing it too.

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I know teachers are busy all the time, but I really feel that it is beneficial to take those few minutes during the day, and relax with a good book.

So I would love to hear what others do in there classrooms. Do you have a set D.E.A.R. time everyday? Is this a catch-up time for you or do you spend it reading as well?

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  1. Hi! I am your newest follower. I actually have some different thoughts about DEAR time. I think it should be used for teachers to help students monitor their independent reading, at least in the elementary grades, rather then for the teacher to read. It is a perfect time to hold individual reading conferences with kids and help them set goals to ensure they are on the right track and not wasting time. My thoughts anyway!
    Literacy Spark