Saturday, 22 June 2013

4 More Days . . . and a Little Decor

Well the countdown is officially on now with only four more days of school left, Wahoo!

I've been awfully busy since the last time I blogged, and in particular I have been working on some new decor packs for the classroom. I was going to try and wait till the Summer to think about next year, but I guess there's no better time to start!

So far I have 4 different themes available in my store:

Rainbow Chevron:

Pastel Chevron:

Black & White Chevron:

Black & White Polka Dot:
Each theme has four packs: Alphabet Posters, Number Posters, Shape & Color Posters and Word Wall Headers & 200 Words.


I've got a ton of more decor pack ideas, now I've just got to wait until I have a little more time on my hands. Click {HERE} if you'd like to check out what I have available. If you have any ideas or suggestions of decor packs you'd like to see, please leave them in the comments!

4 more days, 4 more days!

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