Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Olympics, 100th Day and Valentine's Day - Oh My!

Well I'm stopping in tonight to talk about how busy these weeks are getting! Last week was Chinese New Year, the Olympics are starting in a few days, 100th day is coming up next week and Valentine's Day is already next Friday! To top it off, we're celebrating Carnaval de Quebec. Some days, I don't know where math, science, language arts and all the other subjects are supposed to fit in!

Last week, we had a ton of fun creating paintings inspired by Ted Harrison and based on artwork created by students at Georgetown Elementary Art Blog and Grade ONEderful:

Via Ted Harrison

Via Georgetown Elementary Art Blog

Via Grade ONEderful

We divided into groups of 3 or 4 and the students had to line up their artwork to create a continuous landscape. This was great for co-operation.They did a fantastic job of working together to line up their buildings, snow and sky, as well as deciding on colours. No arguments - it was fantastic! We then used black pastel to outline and watercolours. After they dried, we used finger-painting and the small end of a paintbrush to add the snowflakes.

I'm really loving the winter art I've been seeing lately, hopefully I find some great spring art inspiration soon!

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