Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer is Here . . . Finally!

Well it seems I have been talking about this day for months (and in reality I have). I am finally off on Summer vacation! It did not feel like summer though since it was RAINING! I mean really? Rain in June? How could the weather do this? But anyways, I am officially off on Summer vacation. I guess I have to keep telling myself because it still doesn't seem real yet. I'm hoping that I will be productive, but I don't think that feeling has set in yet.

In completely unrelated news, I want to mention Oliver Jeffers. He is one of my favourite children's authors and has so many sweet stories. First up, Lost and Found. It is such a sweet story about a boy and a penguin (if you haven't heard of it).
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Second, The Incredible Book Eating Boy. Love this book and it opens up a great discussion about why we read.

Third, (and the last one I'll talk about today), The Great Paper Caper. This book also has a great message, about conservation, and would work well with any sort of green/Earth Day (or everyday) unit.

If you are a fan of Oliver Jeffers or want some lesson ideas, check out my Oliver Jeffers unit on TPT here or click on the small picture below:

Happy Summer!

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