Sunday, 10 June 2012

This Post Has a Point

I love walking the school halls and seeing all the creative bulletin boards that teachers and students have created, but really I'm not that crafty/artistic, especially not as so as some of the students! I do like to find and keep great art lessons, especially ones that can be done with various age groups. So this brings me to the POINT of this post - Pointilism.

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I think this website was the first one that gave me the idea, and I have since done pointilism art in Grades 1-5. I don't know who takes there time and enjoys it more, the younger or the older students. I do butterflies in the Spring/Summer and snowmen in the winter, though there are so many different ways pointilism can be used. I really like how this helps students work on fine motor skills and concentration. Whenever I do this, no matter how loud the class is normally, when we first start this, it is silent as students try and concentrate on placing their dots. Students really have to focus on what they are doing, they cannot just scribble. The students that I find concentrate the most are often the most wiggly ones.
In addition, this art can really tie into math and science discussions of patterns, symmetry, and life cycles (wahoo cross-curricular!).
I often provide students with the outline, and have them fill in the pointilism, but it would be great to see students free hand an entire pointilism project.
Would love to hear feedback - let me know if you use pointilism.

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