Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Circles & Book Bin Labels

So the other day I was helping another teacher cut out book bin labels. CIRCLE book bins labels. Two sets of CIRCLE book bin labels. As my hand was cramping and I was realizing that I need to work on my cutting abilities, a fantastic thought struck me. A Circle Paper Cutter! As soon as the thought entered my head, it was quickly followed by three options:

A) It is a ludicrous idea - A circle paper cutter?! That is a crazy idea.
B) It has already been invented and every crafter knows about it.
C) It hasn't been invented, it is a fantastic idea and I will become a billionaire by inventing it!

So obviously I had to find out which of the three it was so I turned to trusty old Google to see what I could find.

Via Amazon
Umm, yeah. So apparently it is a thing. I guess I won't become a billionaire by inventing the first circle paper cutter. I don't know if I just live in a hole or it's because I am not an avid crafter, but I have never before heard of a circle paper cutter. Is it worth it? Would love to hear from anyone who has tried/owns one.

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