Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hall Pass Linky

Well I had planned to join this linky a few days ago and now am finally able to join up. I am linking up with Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits (how's that for alliteration) for her Hall Pass link-up.

So without further ado, I will begin:

P is for Product - Well I noticed that some of the other bloggers that already linked up have the same thinking as me. I always finish a product and it is my absolute favorite . . . until I start the next one that is. So I guess at the moment my favorite product is actually an old product that I recently completely updated and re-did - my St. Patrick's Day Pot o' Gold Unit that I blogged about {HERE}.

A is for Area - So since I don't show pictures from the classroom I will just talk about my favorite area in the classroom. I love a good classroom library. Enough said.

S is for Signal - Well usually I use a clapping pattern to get attention but frankly, I'm getting bored of it and am always on the lookout for new attention getting ideas, so I am excited to read through all the other link-ups to hopefully find some new ideas to incorporate into the classroom. To be honest, I've heard of a bunch of other great signal ideas, I just have to take the time to add them into the daily routine, rather than just fall back on the old faithful clapping.

S is for Sanity - Hmmm. This one I really had to think about and I'm not sure I like my answer. I think something that keeps me sane is quiet. So anytime where I get a few quiet minutes to gather my thoughts and prepare me for the next activity is key for my sanity. Quiet doesn't necessarily mean absolute silence, just a bit more of a controlled chaos.

Well there are the answers for my HALL Pass, I'm excited to go read everyone else's answers. 

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