Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Go Green . . . in the Classroom

**Image clipart provided by KPM Doodles & Clip Art by Carrie Teaching First**

Earth Day has been on my mind now that's it's April, but really Earth Day is on my mind all year long. I think it is so important to keep a "green" attitude throughout the year, not only at home, but in the classroom too. "Green" behaviours are necessary (I feel) to teach to our future generations.

So, some tips (even though I am NO expert):

1. Recycle - Hopefully all classes and schools encourage this. It is great to move beyond just the recycling of paper and show students that there are more things (plastics, cans, etc.) that can & should be recycled.

2. Reuse - As much as you can in the classroom (I know many teachers are thrifty by nature anyways) reuse stuff. There are a ton of different art projects that can be made by reusing everyday household items.

How cute are these recycled garden pictures from Laugh, Create, Paint!?

3. Reduce - Use less in the classroom. This could mean so many things - use less paper, use electricity, etc. However you can do it in the classroom - use less!

4. Turn it Off - Whenever you can, turn off electricity. This is great for classrooms with lots of classroom windows as you may not need to have all the lights on all the time.

5. Compost - Of course this depends on the facilities available to each class/school but if possible, encouraging composting in the classroom and teaching students what can be composted sets a great example.

What are some of your tips, I would love to hear them!

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