Monday, 29 April 2013

What I've learned about Technology lately!

I don't know if the "technology" in my title needed to be capitalized, but I'll just go with it - completely ignoring all title capitalization rules.

So let me say that when it comes to technology, I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm definitely not great with it, but I can function on a computer. I also have to admit that I don't particularly go out of my way to find out new tech things and tips. Well that is until I absolutely must learn them for whatever (in which case I google) or I happen to learn something by coincidence and just remember it.

Lately I've learnt a few new things that are probably not new to anyone, but I just felt like sharing.

1) The Magic Pen on SMARTBoards - Umm, I don't know if this is the technical name but there is a magic pen/ink on SMARTBoards that seems really cool. The ink fades, you can enlarge part of the board by drawing a square around the section and when you draw a circle around part of the board  . . . I think it highlights it or something but I actually can remember. Oh well, remembering two out of the three tips isn't bad! If you have a SMARTBoard you should try this, at least for the fact that it will get the students excited when they see the writing disappearing and we all know that in these last few months (or weeks for some lucky people) we need all the tricks we can to keep the students engaged.

2) Videos in Blog Posts - Who knew that it was so easy to put (I don't think that's the proper word . . .  maybe embed?) a video in a blog post. Uhhh, as easy as putting a picture in a blog post. Well I finally realized that and successfully did so in this post (click {HERE}) where I added not one but two videos. I may be an expert now!

3) If you use TumbleBooks in the class, students suddenly think books are movies - This one is kind of off topic, but kind of on topic as well. Does anyone else find this? We can read a Robert Munsch book, the students fully realize it's a book but if we see the same one on TumbleBooks, suddenly it's a movie. Not sure why.

4) I am the WORST Googler ever! - So this is more of a personal thing and it's definitely getting off track, and well, unfortunately, it's true. For some reason whatever I search for I can never find. I was googling something the other day that I can't remember, it was only three words (all spelt correctly) and I got no hits! Ummm, is that even possible? In fact, I just googled "How do you spell cat?" (no offence to anyone but I thought that was a ridiculous search that no one would ever do and I wanted to see how many hits it got) and I got OVER 40 million results!  If anyone has any videos/tips they can link me to on how to properly Google search, I would appreciate it. I would Google search for my own tips, but chances are I wouldn't find anything!

5) My computer can show the time in either analog or digital form - This is really nothing special, I just didn't want to end my list on number 4!

So any tech tips you can share, I would love to hear them, as I'm sure they would be new to me!

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