Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Little Blog Makeover and the First Week

So I've decided to try a little blog makeover. I'm sure I'll change it again soon, but with the start of the school year, I thought "Why not try a new blog look?" Not that I've been keeping up on this blogging thing regularly - oops - but maybe getting back into the school swing of things will help me get back into the blogging swing of things.

So, the first week. In my school district, the students stay in their old classes until ~Friday, and then they switch into their new classes. So this week was three days of having the old students, which to be honest is kind of full of activities to ease the students back into the regular school activity.

First up - the sunglasses activity I blogged about {HERE}. I found a free sunglasses template through A Love for Teaching, click {HERE} to check it out. Of course I never have a camera in the classroom, so I don't have pictures, but it was definitely nice to get some art and writing up on the walls to brighten up the classroom on the first day.

We also tried Hadar's fun "School is Cool" craftivity and writing that you can find for free {HERE}. Another great way to brighten up the classroom.

Looking back on the week, I sure planned a lot, but the kids were definitely not ready for full work days! Half an hour after the first bell rang I heard cries of "I'm hungry!" and ten minutes after centers were finished I was asked "When are we going to play?" Between outside recess and inside play centers, the days zoomed past. Next week sure is going to be a long one, I'd better enjoy this weekend because I'm sure it will be over fast!

How's the year going for you?

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