Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Look at My Day (It's Filled with Pete the Cat!)

Well I have wanted to link up with Deedee Wills' Peek at my Week linky but let's be honest, 1) I haven't gotten my act together & 2) the whole visual plans with links to the units - yeah, I'm not that tech savvy. So I'm here today not to link up with my visual plans for the week, but a look into today.

It's the second week and I hope the kids are getting into the school routine. Today was filled with good old Pete the Cat. I cannot talk about these books enough. The catchy words, the colourful pictures and the great messages plus colours, counting, and school? That equals a perfect recipe for primary books.

So today we did a little Pete the Cat school tour, inspired by Michelle over at Inspired by Kindergarten. The kiddos LOVED it! So much so that they wanted to write a letter for Pete (great collaborative writing exercise). Tomorrow they will come in and find another note from Pete as well as Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.

We'll then search for Pete's four buttons (an idea another teacher gave me) that he left in our classroom. In theory this is a fantastic idea. In reality, I am sooo nervous the kids are going to tear apart the classroom. They almost did that today. When we finished the tour, they were so excited about notes from Pete that they wanted to search in all the classroom books, their lunch kits and the playground, in the hopes of finding another note.

After all this Pete excitement, I opened up my Scholastic order, and what did I see? Oh, just Pete and Cat: The Wheels on the Bus.

This is definitely going to have to be a must buy!

Have a great week and remember - It's all good!

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