Monday, 21 October 2013

Funny Face Pumpkins

Is it only Monday, wow I am already exhausted! Tonight was a fun day filled with pumpkins!

After I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had to make these pumpkins, they are just too adorable!

via Art Projects for Kids

I also found a great bulletin board image with these pumpkins that can be found at flickr {HERE}.
**Sidenote** If you are in need of art projects you must check out Art Projects for Kids. It is an amazing resource and a quick browse showed me a ton of fun Halloween projects that I already want to plan!
Frames via Graphics From the Pond

Rather than do a marble paint, I had the kids use orange, green and yellow watercolors and they turned out so adorable. Since we did only a thin layer of paint, they dried fast and we were able to use construction paper to add our eyes, mouths, teeth, stem and grass.

I love projects like this where you give all the kids the same materials and the originality that they come up with is amazing!

By the way, I always see people apologizing for the quality of the iPhone pictures . . . um, I apologize for my camera pictures. I would say that apparently I need to invest in a good quality camera but I am the worst photographer, so give me any camera and the picture will always turn out blurry, grainy and probably crooked!

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