Monday, 7 October 2013

Word Problems and (Almost) a Freebie

How do you feel about word problems? Do you ever find that your students stare at the words and have no idea what to do? I seem to find this way too much with some math skills. I remember doing my practicum at the beginning of the year, in a fifth grade class, and asking doing a quick assessment on written form and place value. I was **shocked**. Some of the answers I got were completely unexpected. After that I remind myself to not assume that the students know the skills. Always do a quick formative assessment.

With some of these skills, I think the best thing to do is complete a basic skills review. That's where my Daily Math comes in and I've tried to do it again with my new math series:

These units include teacher task cards (in color and black & white), student versions (for use in interactive math journals), a student recording sheet and of course, the all important answer key. The task cards and student versions include the Common Core State Standard covered and are a quick (daily) way to review basic skills.

I've offered a few ways to use these in the class.

1) Assess oral listening skills by reading the cards to the students, and having them answer in math journals or on recording sheet.

2) Use the PDF version to project onto an interactive white board for students to read and complete.

3) Provide students with the student prompt version and have them glue into and complete in their interactive math journal.

Click on the pictures to check the units out. So far I've completed the Back to School and Fall packets for third grade.

Now onto the (almost) freebie:

I'm working on a new Halloween-themed math freebie, so check back soon for that!

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