Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Spooktacular Solve It Freebie!

Well I was hoping to finish my new Halloween freebie today and I actually did - I kind of surprised myself. I must have been inspired as I was watching Dance Moms today. Seriously I cannot get enough of that show. Between that and Princesses Long Island, it was a great day for reality TV!

But onto the freebie. I love the fun that holidays bring into the classroom and wherever possible I like to make the curriculum fun by incorporating holiday themes.

My new freebie, Spooktacular Solve It contains 24 Spooky Number Task Cards. Each task card contains different instructions to find the spooky number. The task cards review place value, even & odd numbers, ordering numbers, least & greatest and has a little addition and subtraction thrown in.

Click {HERE} or the pictures to check it out - let me know if you enjoy!

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