Monday, 31 March 2014

My Teacher Uniform

Do you have a teacher uniform? Now, I don't mean khaki pants and a polo that is mandated by your district, but a select few items that you seem to wear over and over - because I sure do. I'm here today to talk about those favorites that I always seem to gravitate to.

It all starts with a pair of skinny pants. Jeans, black or colored, I like them all. Of course, sometimes I'll throw on some straight or wide leg, but I really like the look and feel of skinny pants, especially if they are super stretchy.

My favorite skinnies for work are the Ultra Skinny Pants from the Gap. They are so stretchy; they are the next best thing to yoga pants.

Via Gap

Before I choose my shirt for the day, I need the perfect long tank/camisole. I wear tanks everyday, even outside of school.

The best tank/tunic I ever had was from Forever 21 the Basic Tunic Cami. I got it during university and only stopped wearing it in the last year or so (because it may or may not be a little bit holey). I love a long tank, and this was perfect and kept its shape much longer than you would think of the price tag (it was CHEAP then and is still cheap now, only a few dollars).

Via Forever 21

Next comes the blouse. I prefer something a little longer and looser, since I am always moving around during the day. The last thing you want is to be erasing something from the SMARTBoard and suddenly feel a breeze across your stomach and lower back.

I love the look of this Factory Printed Teagan Ruffle Popover (what a name - I was going to call it a sleeveless shirt). I have a similar style (including the white with black polka dots) and the fit is amazing.

Via J. Crew Factory

To top it off, I've got to add the cardigan. I am always cold, so sometimes I go for a thicker cardigan, in the warm weeks of June it might be thinner, but without fail, I am almost always layering.

I have a million cardigans but I recently purchased my absolute favorite. It is the Factory Clare Cardian (also from J. Crew Factory) and I already want to purchase it in every color. It fits amazing and is so soft - perfection!

Via J. Crew Factory

Don't forget about the feet. I just love a comfy ballet flat. This is where my wardrobe is lacking. I wear cheap ballet flats, because I haven't found the perfect pair. On my wish list? I would love to try a pair of Tieks. They are so adorable, I just can't seem to justify the $175 price tag . . . yet!

Via Tieks

And finally, the accessories. I need to work on my accessorizing. I wear the same pearl earrings and chain necklace everyday and I'd love to add some bangles. I recently purchased a tortoiseshell which I love, but I might need to add a few more items to my wrist candy!

Via Neiman Marcus

So that's my teacher uniform, what does your's look like?

(I don't know if this post was a good idea, it just makes me want to go shopping!)


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