Monday, 28 April 2014

Getting Ready for Summer

Summer, ahhh that glorious word that is finally starting to be spoken around the school! Although I've still got 9 weeks (!) to go, I know some school districts are a little bit closer to that wonderful break, so I've started thinking about the end of the year already.

In addition to thinking about all the regular end of year things, my mind is also stuck on the job action taking place throughout my the province. We will see if that might mean a full-blown walkout.

But, let's forget about a little old thing like end of the year striking and focus on some more positive things, like prepping the students for next year!

That two month break can be looong for some students, especially struggling ones, so I've created some take-home booklets to send home with students over the break.

I have Daily Math versions for 1st-4th and they each have 40 days of math practice:

Each packet comes with instructions to create the mini-booklet:

I also have Word Problem a Day Booklets for 3rd & 4th. They also contain 40 days of word problems:

And finally, I've got a Daily Language Booklet for 1st grade:

What are you doing to prep for the end of the year? More importantly, how much longer do you have left?

Have a great week!

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