Friday, 2 May 2014

Five for Friday Link-Up

I'm linking up for the first time with Five for Friday over at Doodle Bugs Teaching. I'm late to the game on everything, so why not this link-up too?

So, my five things are going to be totally random, and only a little bit teacher-y - I'm guess I'm already in a summertime mood!

Let's start off with something that has nothing to do with the classroom - smoothies!

Via Mom On Timeout

I recently pinned a bunch of smoothie recipes and it inspired me. I love smoothies and wanted a way to get more fruits and vegetables (because I'm sure I'm not getting enough). I haven't tried any of the fancy ones, I've stuck to the (almost) same recipe all week and I still LOVE it. The best part is that I tried to make it more green than the regular fruit smoothie I'm used to, by throwing in a bunch of spinach. The great thing about spinach in a smoothie is that you (or at least I) can't taste it.

 I love using Youtube for a quick brain break in the classroom and I just discovered Koo Koo Kanga Roo (I told you, I'm late to the game for everything). I'm sure I read a blogpost about these brain breaks months ago, but just started using them in the classroom. My favourite is Dinosaur Stomp! Let me know about some others I should check out.

Via Amazon

 Have you read this book? No, me neither - but I bought it. When I first saw it at a Scholastic book fair (probably at the beginning of the school year) I knew I had to get it. So of course, rather than buy it then and there, I went home, added it to my Amazon cart, waited a few months, then finally purchased it. I haven't started it yet, but I've added it to my ever-growing reading list.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I changed around my blog design. For now, I love it, but I'm sure I'll have to tweak it a bit. Oh well, the life of a picky person.

I was slightly productive this week, probably because I was dreaming of summer! I finished up my Daily Language Summer Take-Home Booklet for First Grade.

I've also got some Daily Math Summer Take-Home Booklets, which can be found {HERE}.

Each booklet contains 40 days of summer-themed questions that review the common core and keep students thinking over the summer.

Alright, this week down, only 8 more to go until summer (that sure seems like a lot)!

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