Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Let's Talk About Books (Again)!

I'm back again to link up with Deanna over at Mrs. Jump's Class, but it is going to be quick because I am more than exhausted. My eyelids are getting heavy just writing this . . . is it summer vacation yet?

I'm sure I've talked about this book before, as well as Peter H. Reynolds' other books, but anywhoo, I'm still going to mention it this week: The Dot:

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This book is a sweet tale about Vashti, a girl who thinks she cannot draw. With an encouraging art teacher, she discovers that not only can she draw, she can create amazing, creative art. Vashti not only learns a great lesson, but takes the time to pass that lesson along!

I love this book as an inspiration to all those reluctant artists in the classroom. How many times have you heard a student say, "I can't draw. It's too hard!"? Students need to learn that they are all artists, they just need a little confidence and a lot of effort.

In addition to the great message passed along in this book, there is also great artwork to be inspired. Use this book at the beginning of the year to remind students that they can draw (and paint etc.) or at the beginning of a great "dot" inspired art lesson.

Via Art Projects for Kids

Via Art Projects for Kids

Via Art Projects for Kids
OK, I think I better go before I fall asleep on my computer!


  1. Between The Dot and Ish, Peter Renyolds must have had some self esteem problems that he had to get older. I love the message behind his books!