Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Let's Talk About Books! Linky

When I stumbled on a new link-up with Deanna over at Mrs. Jump's Class, I couldn't resist! I love books and can never resist talking about them, so of course I had to link up and share my two cents.

Have your students been singing Pharrell's Happy on repeat? Well not only is it the name of a great song, but it is also the name of a great book.

Via Amazon
Happy by Mies Van Hout not only has amazing artwork, but it allows students to discuss emotions. Each page is simple - it has a fish representing a different emotion - but powerful. There are so many different ways that this book can be used in the classroom and I especially like it to introduce to kids who are having a difficult time reading emotional cues.

Have students use black construction paper and bright pastels to create their own inspired artwork. Not only is it a great art lesson, but students will really need to think about how to represent the emotion they have chosen.

And come on, doesn't that bright title page just make you happy?


  1. Always love finding a book that helps me teach emotions!
    The Meek Moose

  2. This looks like a beautiful text! Thanks so much for sharing a new title for me to put on my list...


    1. You are so welcome, thanks for stopping by!